Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pramod Muralik- Chaddi King

Its raining chaddis for shri ram what would Mr Pramod Mutalik do with all the chaddis he is getting...

Here are few of suggestions we have for him

a) Open an outlet

Sell chaddis on discounted rate. You would make profit and money can be used to sponser teams for bashing more girls ..After all bashing girls is in Indian Culture and it would be perfect marketing tool for you.

b) Convert shri ram sena to pink chaddi dharis..

Make a new rule for your organization. All sevaks in your sena would have to wear pink chaddi. It can also become your symbol.. Valentine day mat manao varna pink chaddi dhari aa jaayenge!!!!!!!!

c) Attack corporate world too

Attack corporate houses , call centers...May be this time you would get baniyan and shirt, pent too..

d) Contact Raju and make public limited company selling chaddis..

Once outlets is functional contact raju ..He would guide you about how to fool people and raise money.. Just imagine Pramod Muralik - Chaddi King...Nice get going boss...Lot of work to do...


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