Wednesday, February 11, 2009

USA , Pakistan and A Q Khan

The United States on Wednesday took up with top Pakistani leadership the release of disgraced nuclear scientist AQ Khan from nearly five years of house arrest.

US special representative for Pakistan and Afghanistan Richard Holbrooke, who is currently on a visit to Islamabad, certainly raised the issue (of AQ Khan), state department spokesperson Robert Wood said here.

Well well I thing which can be admired for Pakistan is its ability to resist international pressure...
World calls it a failed state but Pakistan is still a proud nation. Infact scholars like zahid hamid claims Pakistan to be super power...Scholar??...Bhai self proclaimed scholar...

Pakistan has it all..Taliban , Al qaeda , LET , JEM , Dawood ...Alls who's who in world's infamous terrorist. Above all they have A Q Khan who did sell nuclear technology to countries like libya and north korea.. If you think thats shameful act for a country whose father of nuclear techno sold these technology for personal gain , please get your brain checked.. It may be shameful act for every other country but not for pakistan. For pakistan he is a hero. A national hero and you know why??...Because he made Pakistan a nuclear country so that it remains safe from India!!!!

Now if you wonder when was pakistan under threat from India well according of ISI and its fairy tales India is working hard since 60 years to finish pakistan..Now dont ask me logical questions like why did India freed 90000 pakistani soldiers ,if that was the case?? ..Why doesnt India simply attack pakistan who has been sponsering terrorism since 30 years!!!!...Pakistan is nuclear power since just 10 years but we could have done that in 1980s na...hey hey calm logical question please...we are dealing with pakistan , so guys cut the logics out here....

Talking about USA Raising issue usmein naya kya hai...whats new in that?..USA since 9/11 has been raising issues and pakistan is successfully dealing with it...Not the issue ...but avoiding the issue..

Yeh pakistan hai...ache ache isse samaj nahi paaya...Mr obama aap abhi naaye hain...


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