Monday, February 23, 2009

Taliban Hospitality: Not Invited but abducted

A senior Pakistan government administrator and his six guards abducted by the Taliban fighters, in the troubled Swat valley, have been released.

But officially Taliban never abducted any official. That official was guest of Taliban. Now Taliban cant help it right.?. When they can forcibly marry any one , when they can ban music in name of religion than why cant they forcibly take any one as their guest?

Now who would want to willingly become taliban's guest. So our highly religious fellow human beings called taliban were left with no option but to forcibly take some one as guest. But what about militants which were freed for release of this official??...Aare dont your guest visit your house with some gifts like sweets and all. Now this official never knew he was to become taliban's guest , so he couldn't purchase any gift for this taliban. Taliban citing majburi of the official , demanded gifts from pakistan government and so they obliged by releasing these three militants.

Aathi devo bhava to suna hoga , but forcibly guest did really became dev for those three militants who got released. Taliban knows how to get their things done. Isn't it?


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