Monday, February 23, 2009

Why Oscar Credit Goes To Congress

Keen to be part of the euphoric ‘Slumdog’ bandwagon , Congress has counted the eight Oscars as part of the UPA’s ‘achievements’.

Now if you wonder that how does a movie become a ruling parties achievement than you need to understand governance. congress has ruled India for almost 50 years. Congress rules in Maharashtra and congress also rules in center with alliance.

So its because of congress that slums are still alive which provided Boyle with great opportunity to make this great movie. While movie is totally about triumph of human spirit against all odds , the basis environment of slums was provided by congress so definitely they should term it as their achievements.

While nuclear deal , globalization , chandrayan can be termed as achievement of congress but at same time corruption , parivaar vaad , poverty are side achievements of congress.

Critics may say NDA is also not better. Yes it is not better but one can comment on congress only since it has been in power for most of times..

So i agree with abhishek singhvi that oscar credits actually goes to upa and more so to congress.


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