Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tum mujhe chaddi do , mein tumhe saari dunga

Tum mujhe chaddi do ,mein tumhe saari dunga...No no this is not dialogue of some hindi movie , its new slogan of shri ram sena. Pramod Mutalik believes that pink chaddi concepts reflects mind set of people going to pub and in return he would give sari...Now which colour?, if you ask , its strictly confidential.

What mind set he is talking about , after all chaddis are good. The concept is hiding nakedness of shri ram sena. Its pious concept but shri ram sena mis understood the concept. Dekhne waale ki nazar ki baat hai..

So Mr Pramod you are gifting saaris...Its good gesture.. I hope you are not fan of yash chopra whose sexiest song have been picturized in saris!!!!

Though I do agree with Mr Pramod on one point...Yes guys i do agree with him. Breaking news ek pada likha insaan agrees with pramod on something!!!!!!!

But his one point is valid , that is ideological debate. But pramodji yeh debate pehle bhi to kar sakte the na...pehle laat fir mulaqat???...yeh to taliban ka funda hai ...

No no i dont want debate of what to wear , what to eat , where to go..Its ones right and no one have right to mess with this right...

But debate about what is indian culture ?...Debate about social system in general, yes we can debate on that. Every person has some good point , so pramod saab would also have one or two na...

But pink chaddi idea rocks!!!! ...Also dialogue of pramod -'Tum mujhe chaddi do , mein tumhe saari dunga'.


Sumanth February 11, 2009 at 4:22 AM  


Congress is already screwing a million innocent men with discriminatory anti-male laws with excuse of "gender equality". Before you talk about equality, think about yourself and your future first. No one will come to rescue you, if you get a false "sexual harassment" case on you and get disgraced as no one trusts you and in the end lose a million rupees.

Wake up before it is too late. Men are the endangered species in India today. Join Indian MEN's RIGHTS movement for the sake of your own future. Choice is yours.

Oppose, Sri Ram Sena. However, take care that you do not allow the radical feminists or Congress to discriminate all men due to Sri Ram Sena's activities.


Anonymous,  February 11, 2009 at 9:56 PM  

Please don't forget our culture.Don't feedle with girls by luring them to Pubs.Do you like your daughter and sister to be fiddled by Roadside Romeos.They only get enjoyment by dragging girls in obsene situations.Tell me one example where a girl has approached to a boy or man to come to Pub first time.It is only men who do this.It is a social point aot political.

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