Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Zardari Claims Foregin Hand, but there are lot of foreigners

Alright Zardari , The President Of Pakistan has hinted on foreign hand in Lahore Attack...

Now lot of speculation is going on and this "foreign hand" is speculated to be RAW...but insiders believe foreign hand can mean lot of thing.

This foreign hand can be bin laden. Now Bin laden is also a foreigner. So what if he has been living in pakistan since 7 years , still he is a foreigner.

Another foreign hand possible is Syed Salahudin. He has strong ties with LTTE and he is an Indian (officially)...Though Pakistan believes Kashmir to be its part and so salahuddin's status is dubious and he can be claimed to be foreigner or outsider as per convinence.

Mullah Mohammed Omar is another foreign national living in Pakistan's Quetta after usa bombed afghanistan after 9/11.

Dawood Ibrahim , the drug king and mafia don , wanted in mumbai blast who now lives in karachi Pakistan...

So the four names mentioned above are name of four deadliest individual who run perhaps most dangerous terrorist outfits , drug rackets and are threat to humanity in general.

They are all foreign hand operating in Pakistan aided by their all time terror promoter ISI.
Foregin Hand??...Mr zardari did ISI do anything against these famous four??..Do set up inquiry , may be your own pets did bite you this time.


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