Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pakistan Kabaddi Match

The Benazir Bhutto Shaheed International Kabaddi Tournament will be held from March 7 as scheduled earlier in Lahore.

The above news was published in geo tv..No no this is not kabaddi tournament between nawaz's team and zardari's team .That match is going on since both of them decided to form alliance.

Now kabaddi is most played sports in Pakistan. Since its birth there is kabaddi match going on between their army and civil government. At times army takes over and at times there is democracy..Though track record says army has won most of matches between these two.

There has been another kabaddi match going on between ppp and pml of nawaz.. These match has seen many dramatic moves by both parties sinc 20 years. Common moves have been laying corruption charges , stopping development work initiated by previous regime etc.

But now zardari has played short of his life. He has got nawaz banned for life using supreme court..Now this move didnt go well with nawaz and he is fighting battle of his political life.

So kabaadi is favorite sports and after Benazir Bhutto died the match has more intensified and all rules have been broken...


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