Thursday, May 14, 2009

All Nanga Punga Sellers Beware

Actress abc showing her b***s ... Actress xyz without b** ..Actress def kissing in bathing scene of actress uvw...

Well what the hell is this?..If this is your question answer is that internet is flooded with such blogs who try to attract visitors by selling nude , semi nude , erotic images.

Idea is to specifically use second basic instinct and get the visitors. Guess what?..Idea works too. So it is successful idea.

But soon dream run of bollywood bloggers may turn to be a night mare. Bollywood is highly offended by such webmasters and is planning to form a body with would lobby with government to come up with strict laws.

A Bollywood vetrean said that "till it was gossip it was ok. yes we use to get frustrated at times but gossip , rumors having been part of us since inception. What has really got to our nerves if selling of morphed nude image , use of obscene language and also use of photographs without our permission. Web is a medium which needs to be brought under control"


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