Friday, May 15, 2009

Bollywood , Cricket Bhool Jaao - Biggest Entertainer Is From tommorrow

India is bollywood and cricket obsessed nation. So much so that economic news , health bill take back seat if news of shahrukh khan getting cold is published.

But biggest entertainer is going to start from tomorrow. Its great Indian Political show. It's a guarantee that one may not see more turns and twist than this show. Its guaranteed that it is going to be more un predictable than ipl 20-20.

Already the game has started. Lets start with brother of half of bollywood. Mr amar singh. Yesterday he met rajnath singh and today all of sudden he had brahm gyan that pranab mukherjee is his elder brother. So he rushed to meet his long lost brother. So what is amar singh had complained of being insulted by this very congress , which happens to be party of his new found elder brother.

Coming to our all time , ever green entertainer Mr lalu , after accusing congress for problems in bihar , he talked with congress and our dear nitishji put conditions of 'bihar ko special status dega kaun?'

Shatrudhan sinha did almost impossible. He tried to woo , ever favorite rivals that is congress.

Sharad pawar now feels that bjp is not un touchable and sagma wants congress to make sharad pawar prime minister. Jayalalitha is kabhi haan , kabhi na to third front , while communist are committed to stop communal forces to power but they dont want to support congress.

While bjp is whooing mamta , jaya , chandra babu then congress is after behnji , communist , nitish.

Well itne twist to ekta kappor ke serial mein bhi nahi aate. Haan but like ekta kapoor's serial everything is possible out here.

Kal se leke sarkar ban ne tak kahani mein twist would go on.


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