Friday, May 22, 2009

Big B- Please Don't Joke at shahrukh khan

Big b said to a television that since he doesnot have kind of money which shahrukh has , he has not bought any IPL team...

Now we all know Big B is humble man who doesn't boast about his achievements but at same time we know that Big B family is biggest brand of India as a family and they have lots and lots of money.

Now what next?...Well we expect media to use this news to re create the cold war between shahrukh and big b which seems to have evaporated after big b visited shahrukh after latters operation..

Tomorrow the title would be something like this in newspapers , blogs and websites - 'Big b taunts shahrukh ' or 'Big B takes dig at shahrukh'...

P.S: - We have found that many people are copying from others blog including this one. Specially bookmarking site hotklix users are best in copying. Our humble request to those users is that since they have not written this post , it would be nice if they keep name of in their post. Kindly abide by that...Thanking you...


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