Friday, May 22, 2009

Election 2009: Astrologers get only one prediction right

Well majority of astrologers predicted the following for election 2009 :

1) Fractured Mandate :

Prediction : No clear alliance would get majority. Neither NDA , nor upa and neither third front..

Out Come : UPA gets clear majority and Dr manmohan singh has been sworn in

2) Dr Manmohan Singh wont become prime minister

Prediction : Dr Manmohan singhs kundli shows he doesnot have chance to become pm again.

Out Come : Dr manmohan singh has been sworn in

3) L.K. Advani can never become prime minister

Prediction : L.K Advani can never ever become prime minister in this life time claimed most of astrologers.

Out Come : This they got 100% right

4) Prime Minister from east

Prediction : Prime minister would come from east and he/she would be dark horse.

Out Come : Yes prime minister did come from east as manmohan singhji represents assam but he was project candidate and not dark horse

5) Women Power

Prediction : Women would rule this elections

Out Come : Partially right. While sonai and mamta ruled , jaya and maya failed miserably..

So Most Of Astrologers get only one prediction right and two predictions partially right.. Yes many astrologers got it perfectly right too...But majority of the lot got only one thing right...

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