Friday, May 22, 2009

Controversy In Making : Harbhajan slams tendulkar's captainship

Recently in an interview harbhajan was asked that 'he didnt deliver as per expectation in IPL '. To which he replied that he feels that he was not used properly. At times he thought he should be given over to ball but captain had some other ideas.

Indirectly he zeroed blame of loosing on tendulkar. Stating that at end of day it is captain who decides..

Tendulkar and Harbhajan are among very good friend and let us see how much media derives from this episode.

Similar type of controversy was created when afridi had slammed v v s laxman's captaining abilities. Laxman didnt like it but result show that there was definately a problem in his leading abilities. The team which hit bottom in last season has entered finals this time..

Cricket is religion in India and any news related to it is big big thing. Lets see this harbhaja's claim rocks the cricketing world or subdues with time...

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