Saturday, May 30, 2009

How Times Change?

When I was in school kashrima Kapoor-Govinda starred song came and it created outrage among many. The song was 'sexy sexy sexy mujhe log bole'..It created such a big issue that the song had to change to 'baby baby baby mujhe log bole'..It was pre gloablization and in those days such words were considered to be taboo..

I wonder how those people would have reacted if they see any of bookmarking sites of these days which are full of titles like hot , sexy , b** , p***y , undressing , nude , semi nude...

Sure time has changed and so has perception. What was once considered taboo words are slowly becoming usuals.. But some things dont change with time and it is objectifying of women..

Rakhi sawant's bathroom video becomes instant hit and hillary clinto's statement impacting India too goes unnoticed...

These things can't change because it is linked to basic instinct which exist since 2 lakh years.. Psychologist say that there are two basic instincts .

a) Instinct Of Survivial

b)Instinct of contuning the species...

So anything erotic , anything nude , semi nude or anything which triggers imagination in brain related to that would also create more buzz and obviously sell more...

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