Sunday, May 31, 2009

MNS Is Back

MNS Is back in news. After slamming amitabh bachan , bashing biharis , badly hitting shiv sena-bjp in loksabha elections , mns yesterday targetted a movie theater..

The theater was accused of showing adult movie. MNS destroyed everything they could in the theater , bashed the movie viewers and handed the manager of theater to police.

Now lets us see what should be right way in democracy. First of all if movie shown allowed or not allowed. If it is not allowed then police complain should be launched. Then it is duty for police to act and not any worker from any party. This is legal , civilized way...

Anyways this time in assembly election mns is expected to have few seats. So this is working for Raj and we would keep hearing name of mns in media , doing something like this again and again.


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