Monday, May 18, 2009

I am comfortable with hrithik-barbara's intimate scenes

Controversies always helps. It helps media , it helps celebrities ... Kites is going to be released and entertainment cell of all news channels , magazines are working hard to get the news about kites.

First a news came that hrithik and suzaane are going to split because of barbara. Hrithik found news funny but it did do rounds in web medium , channels for days and even months. A hindi channel went extra mile and tried to show that how rakesh roshan is trying to keep distance between hrithik and barbara.

Then a hot news hit web medium with title line stating -'i kissed barbara as couples do'. Again it was major hit in the media .

Both kites team and media are happy. Barbara has created buzz and linkage of hrithik , barbara is going to sell like hot cake for media. Hrithik-Rakesh as a team rock and along with that this barbara think is going to draw much public attention.

Recently a news channel today took interview of rakesh. Just read how interviewer tried to get words out of rakesh's mouth which can create controvery..

Reporter : Hrithik has some intimate scenes in kites

Rakesh : yes

Reporter : Where you comfortable with those scenes?

Rakesh : Ofcourse. When i can be comfortable with hrithik's scene of jumping for 50th floor in krish then why would i get uncomfortable with intimate scenes. Its character doing those scenes not hrithik . Also we are not son -father at time of shoot , i am director and he is actor. I am producer and he is actor. He sits in ac van when he doesnot have shoot and i sit under the sun. As producer i take care of him .

Reporter : But is it possible to get totally ditached while shooting intimate scenes

Rakesh : yes

Needless to say the title of the interview was -rakesh roshan comfortable with intimate scenes of hrithik . Its not only news that matter in entertainment , it how one presents it , what buzz words one uses ..sab ganda hai par , par , par dhandha hai...

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