Monday, May 18, 2009

When Padama Laxmi's b-a-r-e thing didnt matter

If you are regular visitors of bookmarking sites one would find that 80% of links with are popular are more or less soft porns , semi nudes , erotic images.

It sells and sells in big way. Topless , bare all , see through , kissing , hot , sexy etc etc are keywords which are most popular thing in bookmarking site..

But 16th came and such stuffs didn't matter much. Though they continued to have great visits but biggest visitors came to web pages who had election results.

Thats great news because maximum web users are youth and the kind of concerns that they have showed is really very very encouraging.

India is changing and from being submissive democracy it is slowly evolving into performance seeking democracy and i am sure in another decade it would improve dramatically.


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