Sunday, May 24, 2009

Kites In News Once Again

Hrithik and Rakesh roshan are not just ordinary son-father. Both are big brands individually and bigger brand together. When ever both of them have got together , it has meants business of crores in box office.

Kaho na pyaar hai elevated Hrithik Roshan from no one to super star , koi mil gaya ended his hunt for hits , krish made him super hero. Now father-son duo are back with kites.

Kites has always been in news since announcement. They hire barabara moori .This videshi mem is a mexican star , a model turn actress and it made the needed buzz of already talked about venture.

Then came news of barbara causing split between hrithik roshan and his wife. Then hrithik went ahead and made statement that he kissed barbara like normal couples do.

Rakesh roshan gave interview stating that movie does have intimate scenes between hrithik and barabara and he was perfectly comfortable shooting those scenes..

While heat was catching up for kites , hrithik made another statement -'Kites is not about sex and lust'...

Need less to say that kites has got all the publicity that it needs to have first 3 days as house full . Now let us see if story takes them far to make it biggest blockbuster of 2009..

Hrithik , you are marketting the product nicely by step by step well formulated statements...

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