Saturday, May 23, 2009

Neetu Chandra Takes Internet world by storm

Yesterday neetu chandra created lot of buzz about the photograph which is claimed to be promoting lesbianism by mns workers..

Needless to say neetu chandra took the internet world by storm. She did beat amitabh , shahrukh khan , katrina , kareena and all other bigges of bollywood and became highest searched celebrity yesterday..

This are results of research done by -

1) Most searched celebrity in google for yesterday

2) 9th overall searched key word in india for yesterday

Blogs :

Keyword : Neetu Chandra man magazine = 270 (total numbers of blogs)

Keyword : neetu chandra lesbian photo shoot =70

Keyword : neetu chandra hot photo = 2634

Keyword : neetu chandra = 11,940

Neetu chandra on two leading bookmarking sites : =3200 (total numbers of articles) = 242

Well this numbers are growing. As of now neetu chandra is ruling the internet world!!!!

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