Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Taliban ki asli maa kaun?

Kai saal pehle ki baat hai..tab ussr naam ka ek bada country hua karta tha...USSR ki niyat afghanistan pe kharab ho gai aur usne uspe kabza kar liya...
fir kya tha..USSR ke bachpan se dushmaan USA ko mauka mil gaya..USA entered the war but with a twist..It entered indirectly...

USA ne apne chote bhai ko yaad kiya..Pakistan!!!!..Yeh baade bhaiya aur chote bhaiya ne fir recrutiments shuru kiye...

They went for unofficial verbal ad :

Vacancy Vacancy Vacancy

We need sab se chate hue , sab se gone case , sab se violent people for our new project. Project name is 'USSR Ko Bhagao aur Afghan le jaao'..


1) Person should be illiterate

2) Person should be involved in theft , robbery

3) Person should have gone to jail , atleast once

4) Murderer would be preferably..

Country of origin : No Bar

Country of Operation : Afghanistan

We would be providing with 3 months training in war fare. We would also be providing them with latest weapons...

Bus fir kya tha...duniya bhar ke chate hue badmaash came to their foster mother land..Pakistan..Total in excess of 40,000 were hired..They went on to fire ussr and usa ki nigal padi..
Aadat se majbur usa ran away as soon as its goal was achieved..Aab baade bhai ki jimedari , chote bhai ko to nibhaani thi..So chote bhai was left with 40,000 trained , full armed terrorist
which were diverted to afghanistan and taliban took over afghanistan..

Bin laden formed his own group and since figthing was his passion and having no enemy was as good as death for him , he made usa his enemy..Ladne ke liye koi to chahiye...

After 20 years , as in ekta kapoor's serial , things changed..Jisne pala aur posa woh aab mitaane ki firaat mein hai...

Lekin again kahani mein twist. Hillary clinton said that -'taliban is out come of their policies'..to taliban ki alsi maa kaun..one who conceived the idea , spent money and weapons on the group
or one who invested time , energy and trained the group...

Anyways now since taliban , alqueda are after baade bhaiya , the chote bhaiya has pledged to go for kill of its own creation...

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