Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Kissa Khabri Ka

Khabri is every where. In your office , in your friend circle , in your residential society , in your college .

Khabri knows all. In your college he/she know ke kis teacher ka kaun favorite student hai , kis teacher ka kis teacher ke saath chatees ka aankda hai , kis ladke ka kis ladki se taanka bhida hai aur kaunsi ladki ,kis din kya kapde pehnti hai...

In your office khabri knows ke aapke boss kisko promotion dene waale hain , woh aapke baare mein kya bol raahe the, aapke colleagues
aapke baare mein kya sochte hain , aur kaunsi ladki collegaue ke peeche kaunsa ladka pada hai..

In your society khabri knows ke kis aadmi ki apni patni se nahi banti , mahole ke kaunsi ladki ka affair hai , kis ghar mein kitne jhagde hote hain.

In your family circle khabri knows all about relation between chacha-bhatija , daddaji ki jaidaad dene waale hain , vaigera vaigera...

While khabris are often not liked and said to do panchayat (gossips) , its also truth that khabris are indispensible...

They always have news gossips to tell you with kisi ko mat kahena punch line. Slowly you come to know that other 50 people know about it with 'kisi ko mat kahena ,tag line on their khabar'..

Well you like it or dont like it but khabris do spice up your life. Dont they??


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