Wednesday, May 20, 2009

When jayapradha's cd became more important than elections

Upar waale ne bhi kya basic instincts banaaye hain...Elections were on , perhaps most crucial elections for India. India has just began a phase called demographic dividend in which number of people entering earning phase is much high than people who are retiring . These phase would continue for another 30 years. This 30 years would be decisive for us as a nation...So this elections were very very important considering this factor.

Again world economy is suffering and there is economic slow down in India too...30% companies of India are expected to cut 20% of jobs if situation doesnot improve....

Lastly we all know what is position in pakistan . Pakistan is fighting its own battle with taliban and is decisive battle for pakistan. Again its important concern for India too..Obama yesterday said that pakistan is expanding its nuke facilities and it is big worry for India...

In midst of all these what sold most ?...Jayapradha ki CD!!!!...In one of our other blog which covers political aspect of country we had written about jayapradha's allegation...Well 5000 people visited in single day.....were they so much concerned ...Answer is no....Majority of people came from google and they search 'jayapradha nude cd'....our post was simply on allegation and how politics is at all time low

Basic instict at work...

P.S: - We have found that many people are copying from others blog including this one. Specially bookmarking site hotklix users are best in copying. Our humble request to those users is that since they have not written this post , it would be nice if they keep name of in their post. Kindly abide by that...Thanking you...


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