Friday, May 29, 2009

When Narendra Modi Said Sorry To Bill Gates

Billu bhaiya (Bill Gates) came calling to India recently. He visited gandhinagar and met narendra damodar modi. It was low profile visit and media was kept out of the loop.

Bill gates had booked appointment one mont prior with narendra modi. So when bill gates came to narendra modi's office , an IAS officer was there to receive him. Modi got 10 minutes late due to his other meeting and so was not on time..He called the IAS and asked him to convey that he would be 10 minutes late.

When modi arrived , he shook hands with bill gates and said 'sorry i am ten minutes late'.Now politicians , all across the globe are expected to be non accountable and so bill gates was very impressed to meet a chief minister who was courtageous enough to say sorry...

Now was this meeting related to bill gates's NGO or microsoft is not known. Both have kept this meeting highly low profile. May be modi who is usually expert in promotion is keeping low profile after election results.


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