Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Beware Of Thieves Who Call Themselves Bloggers

Official Claim - Bloggers

Modus Of Operandi - They enter any bookmarking site . They moniter articles which are having very good visits. Then they click on those articles , copy the contents and publish them on their blogs. Again they add that content on the same bookmarking site.

Worst they would not keep name of original blog/site from which they have copied

What they get out of it? - Well if they copy 100 popular article , they would get something around 2000-10000 visits a day. Similar to thiefs , thief enter your house , take your things away and sell it in the market.

What Can we do about it?- If your content is original and worth getting copyright , go for it. If copyright seems expensive , you may complain to the bookmarking site's admin to get rid of copied link. Also you know ke kisne chori ki , request that person to leave your blog alone.

But if you yourself have copied then dont blame the copier. Chor ke ghar chori hui to report kahan karoge bhai?

P.S: - We have found that many people are copying from others blog including this one. Specially bookmarking site hotklix users are best in copying. Our humble request to those users is that since they have not written this post , it would be nice if they keep name of in their post. Kindly abide by that...Thanking you...


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