Friday, June 5, 2009

Sharad Yadav's Poisonous Dhamki

Sharad yadav has threatened the parliament to not pass the women reservation bill or else he would consume poison.

"We may not have the numbers but I will consume poison and die here but not allow the passage of the women's reservation bill," he said.

Participating in the debate on the Motion of Thanks to the President for her address to the joint sitting of Parliament, he accused the Congress of indulging in "tokenism" over the issue of reservation for women.

"Congress party has been resorting to tokenism by appointing a woman as President and as Speaker," Yadav said adding that the real need was to liberate women who belong to the backward and most backward classes.

Now has any one in the world seen any politician consume poison?. Yes hilter was political leader who consumed poison but he was left with no other option . In democratic India farmers may commit suicide , brides may commit suicide , a debt ridden person may commit suicide but our politicians?. That too for one bill??

Well we believe our dear old ekta kapoor must see the talent in sharad yadav and hire him for her serial. ' Kahani har politician ki ' aur something like that. It would be good emotional scene where bill is about to pass and sharad yadav stands , takes out bottole of poison , people run towards him and they throw the bottole away. Wah wah ..It can run for 20 episodes. Also plot is different so it would be success too.. What say ekta??


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