Monday, June 1, 2009

Indians Are Not That Be-Kaar Any More -Sanjay Manjrekar

Recently an joint interview of sanjay manjarekar and wasim akram was taken by a private channel. Gaurav Karla (The Interviewer) asked both the great players question about fate of one day cricket because of 20-20..

Wasim Akram -"Well i think the addition of batsman power play has brought new breeze to one day cricket and every format has its charm , so one day cricket wont suffer because of 20-20"

Sanjay Manjarekar -"I beg to disagree with wasim. 20-20 has brought new cricket followers and those who like one day , like 20-20 even more. Also maximum viewership comes from India and Indian are not that bekaar any more that they would spend entire day to watch one day cricket. Its growing economy ".

I think sanjay is right. I am major fan of cricket. I like test cricket , one day , 20-20. I use to play in my college team too. I remember waking up at 4 'o clock to view 1992 world cup. But now i dont have time. I watch cricket only on sundays or late night for one odd hours.

Yes i do follow cricket on website. I love to do that.

But oneday cricket would survive . May be we would have 4 power plays in future. Who knows??


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