Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Shocking : Surat Rapist's Orkut Profile

The guys who gang raped innocent girl from surat are in orkut. The people of India are bashing them in their scrap book .

Following are few of scraps :


I don't know who all are the people who are sending SMSs in their favor like "
Aaj Car Mai Kiya Hai Kal Ghar Mai Karenge"
All surtis just go to police and inform abot the no's through which u receive such sms... so that the people and basturds who are favouring them they are too trapped in this... case....


STONED TO DEATH. MUSLIMS should get Islamic Punishment in India. If they want Islamic Law when it comes to marriage than Islamic Law should be given for criminal activities as well. Human Rights ki maki chut. These people are not humans. They are worst than animals.


Just Becos of You and few like you.... Whole Isamlic World Is Suffering...Before Law gives any statement you should yourself commit suciede..


haraami ko public me maar dalo !uske baap ko barbaad karo

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