Friday, July 31, 2009

Buta Singh Nautral Excuse

Well well I always wonder why it happens that whensoever a politician is accused of any crime , be it be bribe , be it be scam , be it be murder or be it be hallo effect there is always same answer - 'I am being framed by my political rivals'.

Yet again a scam has come to light. Congress's younger brother NCP has youth wing.
Now teaching youth wing is very important and in one such teaching venture
ram rao patil (Vice President of NCP's youth wing) did scam of worth 10 crores!!!!!!.

He took loan in name of 100 dalit workers after aquiring their signatures on blank sheet.

Aab chote bhai kutch kaare aur baad bhai reh jaaye??..

Speaking with CNN-IBN, Patil gave details of how he allegedly met Sarvajyot in Delhi near Khan Market.

“I met Buta Singh’s son in Khan Market. He said Papa has asked for Rs 3 crore to close this case. He had called me to his house, where I met Anup Kumar Bedi – of the Maharashtra Mazdoor Congress – who took my mobile. When I said I couldn’t give so much, he settled to Rs 1 cr. When I was giving the money to him in Mumbai, he was caught,” he said.

What is buta singh's answer. Well he is being framed by patil because buta singh unearthed
the scam.

hmmm..Our dear politicians are so innocent that they get framed time and again.


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