Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Most Wanted Man Of India

Who is most wanted man of India?. Dawood Ibrahim? , Chota Shakeel? , Saeed ? , Azar Mehmood? , Chota Rajan ? ,Babar Khalsa Group? , ULFA People ? , Naxals?.

Well above list is sure wanted people but at this point of time all above answers are wrong.

Most wanted man of India in today's time is a teenager of pune. He was detected with swine flu and before he could be treated , he ran away.

Manhunt is on and police has been directed to catch this man . He is believed to be hiding in mumbai.

Normaly when police catches anyone , he/she is sent to jail but this man would be sent to hospital!!!!

He is holding weapon more powerful than ak-56 and that is h1n1 virus in his body with
potential of getting more people sick than what ajmal kasab killed in mumbai.

Lets hope that this wanted man is caught soon and treated for swine flu.


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