Sunday, July 19, 2009

Inaam Barabar Milega

Today a news made into drawing rooms of entire India from all news channels.'Maya rewards MP behind arson attack'.

First the news. Our dear behn mayawati who dreams of being prime minister has awarded the person who was instrumental in getting the house of Uttar Pradesh Congress chief Rita Bahuguna Joshi's burnt .

Aab kahani yeh hai ke rita bahuguna got carried away and made comments which were without any guna (virtue). The comments she made was ridiculous and she should have been arrested for that. There is no doubt about it. She was arrested too.

But behn mayawati fumed and she fumed to such a extent that house of rita got burned courtesy M.P Intezar Abdi. Intezar did what was needed to please maya and maya in her maya raaj gave reward by making intezar Deputy Chairman of the UP Sugar Corporation.

So intezar ka intezar to khatam hua but is this for first time that such things are happening?

Jawaab hai na. Just check the list of those accused in 1984 anti sikh riots and check the portfolio they holded after that.

Same with gujarat government.

So aab danga karoge , aag jaani karoge to sardar kush to hoga hi aur inaam bhi barabar milega.


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