Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hillary : Came , Saw And Flattered India

Hillary came , hillary saw , hillary made flattering statements and India got exicted.

Hillary said that India is global power . Many Indians reacted with excitement , messaged each other.

India is global power in making is saahi jawaab. We still have long way to go.
We are still home to highest poors. We still have lot of road to travel to make sure that our growth is inclusive . We still have lot of road to travel to provide basics to all Indians . We have lot of work to do for women empowerment.

At same time yeh baat bhi saahi hai ke in last 62 years we have achieved many things. We
have made positive impact on world at large. No one except closed minded people can question that.

Coming back to hillary's global power thought. Hillary want India to consider itself a global power.

Lekin power ke saath jimedari bhi aati hai. Global powers have global jimedari. Hillary
want first we should realize that we are global power then act as global power.

Isse our responsibility would include climate change. USA also wants India to take stand in
Iran. Gloabl power is expected to do that . Isn't it?

Lekin apni bhalai issi mein hai ke hum jaise chal raahe hain vaise chalen. Taaki humhaara jo growth hai woh hota raahe. Yes we want bigger role in the world. We are 15% of world population .We have to have bigger role since approx 1/6 of population stays here.China + India make 30% of the world.

Lastly its good that only super power is acknowlingly India lekin saath saath humhe bhule saamane ki jagah aapne problem ke solution ke baare mein sochna chahiye.


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