Friday, July 24, 2009

Kargil Was Success Only For Pervez

“India’s restraint during the Kargil conflict earned it significant diplomatic accolades and increased Pakistan’s isolation.”- USA Report On Kargil

Benazir Bhutto, an opposition leader and former prime minister, called the Kargil War "Pakistan's greatest blunder".

Many ex-officials of the military and the ISI (Pakistan's principal intelligence agency) also believed that "Kargil was a waste of time" and "could not have resulted in any advantage" on the larger issue of Kashmir.

A retired Pakistani Army General, Lt Gen Ali Kuli Khan, lambasted the war as "a disaster bigger than the East Pakistan tragedy"

Yesterday cnn-ibn published in its website other part of interview of pervez musharaff . Pervez claimed kargil to be big time success for pakistan.

India did suffer casualities during kargil and officially India lost more than five hundred soldiers while pervez maintains that Pakistan lost 370 odd soldiers.

Nawaz claims number of pakistani soldiers dead were 4000!!!!!!! , ppp states it to be 3000 (inclusive militants ) and India claims number of pakistani soldiers dead were more than thousands.

Even if we go be pervez's words how can kargil be stated as big time success for Pakistan. It made world perceive pakistan as aggressor and India as mature country. It isolated pakistan and weaken its economy.

Yes kargil was success for pervez . Afterall kargil saga , his sacking from army made him president of Pakistan by coup!!!!!!!!

Yes if pervez thinks he is pakistan than kargil was big time success for pakistan.


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