Friday, July 24, 2009

Non Exclusive Hillary Clinton's Interview

Hillary clinton came to India on her first visit as secretary of state. No doubt big media buzz was created as hillary was spending considerable amount of time in India.

Media went all out for the exclusive interview . While cnn-ibn took her interview when she was in usa itself , ndtv and times now too took her interview and all interviews were exclusives!!!!!!!!!!

I wonder how things become exclusive when every one has it??.. Anyways coming to media war , cnn-ibn claimed that it was number one channel for election results and its sister concern was number one channel for budget day.

NDTV has countered the claim and published an ad in India Today. Citing some survey it claims to be number one during election day.

Well we dont know who is number one and who is not. While i like cnn-ibn , i like bharkha dutt's program too. I like goswami's program on times now too.

Face the nation of cnn-ibn , We the people of ndtv and news hour of times now are my favorite.

I guess media should concentrate on giving unbiased , right news instead of fighting for who is number one.


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