Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Prime Minister Cracks A Joke

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today suggested the hunt for the corrupt had so far bypassed the top and urged the CBI to “net the big fish”.

“There is a pervasive feeling today in our country that while petty cases get tackled quickly, the big fish often escape punishment. This has to change,” Singh said at a conference of the CBI and state anti-corruption agencies.

The message would have gone across to CBI chief Ashwini Kumar and his team, who are seen as having made a string of forgery and petty crime arrests over the past few months even as big cases are relegated to the background.

The stress should be on “aggressively pursuing corruption in high places”, Singh said, and asked the agency to keep in mind public criticism. “There have been occasions in the recent past when the conduct of the bureau has come in for public criticism. I would like the CBI to have a critical look at itself and introspect deeply to further improve its functioning,” he said.

Now if CBI seriously follows what our dear prime minister stated , CBI officers would be transfered , here and there. Dr Singh's intentions are right but he too knows where do these big fish belong too. Ofcourse they are politicians and IAS .

Not all politicians are corrupt and neither all IAS are corrupt but most are. CBI people go slow on these big fish so that they themselves dont become lunch and dinner of these big fishes.

If things needs to be changed it has to come from prime minister choosing non corrupted politicians as his ministers and in coalition can that happen?


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