Saturday, August 29, 2009

26/11 : Rehman Malik Is Right

The great interior minister of greatest country in the world , that is Pakistan recently said that 26/11 could have been avoided if India would have been more open and shared intelligence report with Pakistan.

Now he is right. If we would have shared information , Pakistan's ISI would have come to know that we know what it is upto and then ISI would have directed its own wing , that is laskhar to postpone the mission or direct to some other city.

May be Delhi , Ahmadabad or Bangalore would have been targeted but 26/11 could have been avoided.

But at same time blaming India for not sharing Information is wrong because we didn't have any information to share. Our raw (research and analysis wing ) had turned into rehene do work wing and 26/11 happened.

Jab information hoti to share karte na. But from now onwards we should share information to aakka of terrorism. After all in world shares information with pakistan , 80% of terror activities would get avoided.

It like in school , the most notorious kid is made monitor!!!

Mr Rehman Malik , we are thank ful for giving us this out of box idea. We know democratic government in pakistan is right in intentions and we also know that ISI is never right in its intention.

Never mind ISI might be planning another 26/11 and we would share info for that.


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