Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Balika Bomber - Cyrus At Its Best

One of best shows on air is 'Week That Wasn't' which is aired on cnn-ibn and has cyrus broacha as its presenter.

It is based on scoop on important news of the week. This week it had covered anand's jail , pakistan's increase of nuclear weapons and its manipulation of missile given by usa.

Cyrus had fake interview with fake pakistan scientist (played by kunal ).

Cyrus -' But why are you increasing nuclear capabilities'

Fake scientist -' Because we want to bomb the world. We are setting up TPO (terror processing and outsourcing unit) and to tap immense potential of pakistan , we are going to have three reality shows that is pakistan has got talent , suicide villa and balika bomber '

That was scoop but kasab is reality. When he got training he might have been less than 18 . We all have seen tender brains being trained by taliban to fight against pakistan army.

Training of kids is being done by north east based terror groups , women are being trained by LETs and Naxals.

Kids who can't reason things out , who are view things in right perceptive are being used as weapons to achieve goals by terror groups.

Balika Bomber might become reality in future for India..


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