Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sadhe Saati? : Why Saturn Worries Us

Today saturn is changing house and some would have their Sadhe Sati , some would have 2.5 transition.

Astrologically saturn is very important and people fear saturn the most. Why?. Well kyunki hum kaam chor hain. Kyunki humse mehnat nahi hoti or hum fokat ka dhundte hain.

Well not all are like that. But those who are like that , astrology says they have reason to worry. Saturn is said to be most honest judge of one's deed and iske vahan bilkul der nahi hai.

Fatak se insaaf. But sadhe sati is good news for all those who are honest , hard working individuals , because saturn would give rewards , edam fata fat.

For those who dont believe in astrology , ki farak padta hai. Anyways honest and sincere efforts are always key to create good brand. Right?


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