Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fake Dhoni Still Twits

Dhoni's agents and family members have made it clear that the Indian captain does not have an account on Twitter, seeking to dissociate themselves from the handiwork of a prankster who operates the page.

"Dhoni does not have an account on Twitter. Many people have called us and we want to clarify this point" his elder brother Narendra Singh Dhoni said.

The clarification was made in august 2009 but fake dhoni still keeps twitting . This is what fake dhoni twits as late as 20,septemember.

Fake Dhoni : Time for meetings and training. Love you all. Keep the messages coming.

Fake Dhoni : @ayush_0007 I would not read too much into warmups

Fake Dhoni :Keep the love and positive vibe flowing our way. Hope to make the country proud.

Fake Dhoni : @EktaRawal Yuvraj is our best fielder. Gambhir is good too. Rahul is the best slip catcher. I am the best WK !

Fake Dhoni : All systems are go. Its now just a mental game. Keep focus and do what you have practiced to do.

Fake Dhoni : We are very happy to have Gambhir back

Fake Dhoni : @kunaljp I am never shy to express my opinion ;-)

Fake Dhoni : @guyredefinedd Please dont misunderstand comments about Sachin and Kambli. Sachin is the greatest batsman to ever play the game of cricket!!

Fake Dhoni : Hoping that the Delhi cricket situation is resolved soon, and the cricketers can go back and just play cricket w/o worrying about politics.

Fake Dhoni : Disturbed about what's going on with cricket in Delhi. In a perfect world, politics and sports would not intersect.


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