Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hindi-Chini Bhai Bhai

Rediff reported interesting news today. Rediff's reported that More than 150 Indian Army officers along with their families today crossed the Line of Actual Control at Bum La in Tawang district in Arunachal Pradesh to join the Chinese Army in celebrating its 60th National Day.

A Border Personnel Meeting (BPM) was held on the occasion between officials of the two Armies in a friendly ambience that belied the recent tension between the two countries over age-old border disputes.

Sources said the Chinese Border troops located opposite the Kameng Sector in Arunachal Pradesh frontier invited their Indian counterparts to join them in their celebrations.

Now arunachal pradesh is state which is claimed by china to be its own. It is same state for which china had raised objection when our dear prime minister planned his visit to that state. It is same state for which china objected dalai lama's visit and it is same state for which china issues stapled visas!!!!!!!!!

Lekin free ka khana koi Indian kaise mana kar sakta hai . To kya hua ke those Indians belong to our army , after all they are Indians . So they went to celebrate!!!!!!!!!

Hope china doesnot attack arunachal pradesh , otherwise they may learn hindi and say to India Army -'tumne humhaara namak khaya hai , to kya hua ek din ke liye , namak to namak hi hota hai na'.

Hindi-Chini bhai bahi ,atleast for today.


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