Sunday, September 27, 2009

Five Hidden Reasons About Why India Lost To Pakistan

India lost with pakistan and all hindi channels are crying at top of voice as if we lost with Pakistan in kargil or pakistan managed to spread h1n1 in India!!!!!!!!

All are coming with their version of reasons for India having lost against Pakistan. So when all are comign with reasons farjinews thought why it should be left behind and so we joined the corus.

Here is our version of top 5 reasons about why India Lost to Pakistan :

1) Sohaib Malik Was Threatened By Khayani

Khayani had threatened sohaib malik that he would be made tadi paar from Pakistan and forced to accept that India girl who claims to be his wife , if he doesnot perform.

If that is not enough he would be made neighbour of raj thackeray in mumbai!!!!!!!

2) Gambhir Was Given Greed

Gambhir was playing well and all strategies of yonuis khan was failing to stop him. So he did trap gambhir with what sells best for Indian Cricketers. He offered him ad for a pakistani shoe company provided he proves that he can run fastest in the world. Gambhir tried and made mess of run that was never there and in turn got out. Poor gambhir lost his imaginary contract and his wicket.

3) Harbhajan's Worry

Harbhajan was mentally not there in the match. Since he read report from gary he was concerned about how he would be able to follow gary's advise being strong supporter of Indian values. He started dreaming of getting married soon to take care of gary's advise and so he was mentally too absorbed with his prospective wives and so could not concentrate of match.

4) Afridi's Black Magic

Afridi had reported 1.5 years back that he is batting poorly because someone has done black magic on him. He finally was able to catch hold of that someone and offered him money that he could not refuse and that some one did some black magic that made afridi better batsman and lethal bowler.

5) Sachin/Dhoni Forgot to Take Boost

Finally since boost being secret of sachin and dhoni's energy , yonuis khan managed to get boost smuggled out of India's dressing room.

We know by now you would be wanting to slap writer of this post. But writer is heavily inspired by indiatv , aaj tak and other hindi channels!!!!!!

India lost because it played poorly , in highly unprofessional manner. There are no two ways to it. We can still manage to get into next round , provided we beat australia and westindies that too with run rate factor in mind.


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