Saturday, September 26, 2009

Spit@1000 Rs

There came a blockbuster movie of our kkkkkiran khan . The movies name was om shanti om which launched deepika padukone.

In that movie there was a scene where girls are being auditioned for a role and they are asked to speak a line ' ek chutki sindur ki kimat tum kya jaano ramesh babu'.

Though this dialogue is fundamentally wrong says a patni pidit man. He say ek chuti sindur ki kimat is loss of man's freedom!!!!!

Well coming to main point sindur ki kimat to priceless hai but pune muncipal Corporation had put price on spitting in pune. The price is 1000 Rs/-. It has been raised from 25 Rs to 1000 Rs and no it has not been rasied because of aam aadmi government's sugar prices nor it has been increased because congress-ncp ke chunaav ka mamla hai , it has been increased because of swine flu.

An order issued by PMC commissioner Mahesh Zagde said the measure was taken because the H1N1 virus can "remain alive in sputum for eight to nine hours".

The nuisance detection squads of civic administration would take action against the offender.

Its welcomed step though and should be implemented in strictest way.


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