Thursday, September 17, 2009

Jailed For 1023 Years!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some judgments never make sense. Two police officers have been sentenced combined of more than 1000 years of imprisonment!!!!!!!!!

29 people were killed in 2005 in brazil. Ex-officer Julio Cesar de Paula was sentenced to 480 years in prison and Marcos Siqueira Costa to 543 years for murder and belonging to a criminal organisation.

Now you may say that isn't it logical to give judgment of 'to be in jail till alive'. Well answer is no!!!!
In brazil maximum time one can spend in jail is 30 years. So this judgment is just symbolic.

Our dear Dr adesh prasad believes that is such judgments are passed in India against our politicians involved in riots , political murders , indirect bhadakand of mob then judge would have to pronouce 5000 years of jail!!!!!!!

Well but our politicians belonging to any party are safe because we dont believe in punishing them.


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