Thursday, September 17, 2009

Man Eats Dog

A Tongan-born man living in New Zealand killed his own pet dog and was in process of roasting it when animal protection inspectors arrived to investigate.

They were called by a concerned member of the public on Sunday but arrived too late for the animal.

In Tonga dog meat is considered to be food so is horse meat and so this tongan born didnt knew that he is doing something which would lead animal protection inspectors to his home.

Under New Zealand's Animal Welfare Act it is legal to kill a dog providing the slaughter is done quickly and painlessly.

Taufu was not aware that he was doing something uncommon in New Zealand but indicated he would not kill another dog to avoid offending anyone in the future.

Now our dear Dr Adesah Prasad believes that when man can kill his own country men is name of mercyful almighty than what's big deal is killing own pet?.

But own pet!!!..Sounds azeeb isn't it?


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