Monday, September 14, 2009

Manorama , Potency & India

Veteran Tamil Actor Manorama says that couples should be made to take potency tests before getting married.

Manorama says it should be made compulsory for both men and women to produce medical certificates before getting married and in the case of the groom the certificate should prove that he is sexually potent.

"There should be a certification that he is potent and he doesn't have HIV. In case of women... she is a woman and she's fertile and does not have AIDS. And if the doctor gives a fake certificate, then he should be jailed," said Manorama.

Now getting cetificate of being HIV negative is right thing to do. But potency?. Well Indian males have been more potent than needed and 110 crore is proof of that. Now we dont need more potent males in India.

Many times we wonder why doesnot god answer our prayers. One reason is that he is too overloaded. Normally people marry because they are getting older without considering whether one can afford to marry or not , whether one would be able to feed offsprings or not. Uparwala dekhe ga theme.

Now upar wala yeh sab jimedaari se fursat mile to logo ki sun ne na.

In our country as per our health minister , love making is time pass activity. So he has come up with wonderful solution of providing T.V. ghar ghar so that they get serials for time pass and produce less kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now one can understand seriousness of issue by health minister's statement . From where would we brings resources for coming generations???..Energy , water , food??

Jo hoga unka hoga , apne ko kya is present attitude..Manorama ji your drive for HIV is right but..


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