Thursday, September 17, 2009

One woman crime wave!!!!

Well what do you do when you sentence a women on 30 occasions and she ends up committing another 56 offenses in jail!!!!!!!!!!

Known as one woman crime wave in australia she was deported in charter plane!!!!!!!!!!

Sydney Herald reported that new zealand born Toia dubbed a one-woman crime wave after committing dozens of offences across Sydney, has been deported to her homeland.

Toia , a drug addict, has been sentenced to jail terms on 30 occasions for offences including robbery, assault and dealing in heroin.

In jail she committed another 56 offences including assault, intimidation and damaging and destroying property.

She never held a driver's licence but amassed traffic offences which led to her being banned from taking to Australia's roads until 2060.

Toia came to Australia at the age of one and had lived here all her life. But she fell foul of the good character provisions of the Migration Act. She had not taken up Australian citizenship.

She lost an appeal to the Federal Court on June 30 but chose not to lodge a final appeal to the High Court.


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