Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pakistan's Main Buisness

Around a decade back when I was in hostel , my neighbour used to keep all his garbage in his room. Some of those things became rotten and started smelling. Entire wing got pareshaan because of this smell. We all told him to do something about it. He said best he can do is get some mess worker to get his room clean but the charges of the mess worker would be beared by all.

So first he created the mess , then hired services of mess worker to get rid of the mess. Charges was paid by entire wing!!!!!!!!!!

If you wonder what kind of person was he , well pakistan ka main dhandha hi yeh hai. First they create goons for what they call strategic advantage , then they risk their own people and soldiers life to get rid of goons and above all they charge usa and world for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its like yes these goons can kill our citizens in lakhs and your citizen in thousands. We dont care about our citizens but if you do about yours , pay us!!!!!!!!!!. So its good buisness for them. Ya they loose life of few citizens here and there , few soldiers but in the end they get huge money to pay bills , upgrade their defense.

Anyways as long as they are getting rid of them and usa is paying for that , we should be fine with it.


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