Thursday, October 15, 2009

500 Threats To India

While lahore was attacked by taliban , cnn-ibn reported that the pakistan's punjab police official hinted about Raw being involved in current attack. Before you say but hakeemullah has claimed responsibility , pakistan's logic is that taliban is being helped by RAW. Paisa , hatyaar aur training is given by RAW. Yes you get it right. Ulti ganga. Job of ISI being claimed to be that of RAW!!!!!

What ever Pakistan says , Hakeemullah seems to think differently. In an interview given to sky news from most lavish place of north west province that is mountain where he stays, hakeemullah has threatened India.

He says that once pakistan becomes truly ISLAMIC country , he would ask his men to cross border and fight Indians.But pakistan is islamic country , would be your next thought. Well not according to hakeemullah , because in pakistan women are not beaten with lashes , men are not forced to pray and people still play cricket and listen to music. Now according to hakeemullah's version of religion , this is anti islamic.

Coming back to India . China is showing its aggressive side since few months for border dispute , Pakistan to bachpan se hi apni intelligence India pe chodh rakhi hai . Other than these two there is naxals!!!!!!!!!!!. They want their rule in India and we have more than 500 banned outfits who want to go for kill in India!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now if those 500 odd threats were not enough , hakeemullah too is interested in fighting with India.


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