Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Extra Marital Turns Fatal

Psychologist have time and again warned against extra marital affairs. It is not good for mental health , long term relationships . But at same time many get involved in such relationships. Reasons of getting involved are many. Some are sexual , some are need for care , some have lot interest in their spouse and some have absent spouse whose vacuum people try to fill.

In one such incident a women crossed the line. She had extra marital affair with not one but two men. She had physical relationship with both of them. Worst part of story is that while one was her neighbor , another one was her devar (brother in law). !!!!!

The incident occurred in village of rajasthan. Villagers suspected the affair . They started talking about this affair . Due to logo ki baatein and knowing their mistakes , the women and these two men committed suicide.


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