Friday, October 9, 2009

Hidden Reasons : Why Obama Won Nobel Peace Prize

Obama 's 'yes I can' rocked the world. But before he could do something , nobel gave the prize to him!!!!. Perhaps nobel team heard I did this instead of I can or may be nobel team visualized all promises of Obama and by considering law of average they though , banda 100 cheez bol raha hai , ek-ad kar di to bhi saahi hai and gave the nobel prize for peace.Barack obama has taken lot of initiatives but results of those initiatives would take years to come.

The world was surprised and so was obama. Nobel waalo ne thodi jaldi kardi, shayad. Well while his efforts for nuclear disarnment is considered to be one of chief reasons , we have shorlisted our own set of reasons which we considered are true and real reasons for obama winning nobel peace prize.

1) Winning USA Election :

We all knew how peaceful bush was. Because of his peaces initiatives we have afghanistan and Iraq. Maccain was expected to continue bush's ideas and we could have ended having iran , north korea too. So just by winning usa election , obama had done so much for peace!!!!!!!!!

2) Initiative In Pakistan :

Pakistan is terror prossessing office of the world. All whos who in the world of terror live in pakistan. Bin laden , mullah omar , dawood ibrahim , hafiz saeed , azhar , hakeemullah mehsud.

These are brains of terror but they get their job done through people who are ill informed , emotionally motivated , wrongly programmed . Obama has planned massive education reformation in Pakistan. This will atleast limit the supply of people to these whos who of terror.

Now pakistan having capacity to rock entire world , this is biggest thing one can do for peaceful future.

3) His gandhiji's Link :

Nobel has regretted it decision of not having awarded mahatama with nobel peace prize due to political majburis during gandhiji's era. Now by awarding gandhiji's sisaya's sisaya , nobel is trying to nullify its mistake.


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