Monday, October 5, 2009

Let's Have official Strike Month

1) Air India pilots had gone on strike in last week of september for allowances

2) IIT faculies at various Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) had gone on strike
demanding rise in their pay.

3) Four hundred junior doctors in patna had gone on strike demanding rise in their stipends
in month of august.

4) Around 2,70,000 employess of state run BSNL had gone on strike in august for two days demanding
bigger hike in wages .

5)Indefinite strike of doctors demanding fulfillment of their long-standing demands, started in the Jammu region from oct 5 .

The above 5 are just examples of strike taking place in India. Every month some or other is going on strike for pay rise , allowance rise , taking back suspension and such things.

We at farjinews are thinking of writing to Dr manmohan singh and requesting him to declare a month in calendar year as strike month.

Isse koi tension nahi. Say november is declared as strike month. So all those who want to go ons strike may go on strike on this month. We have so many be rozgaars in India ,they can be trained and given temporary jobs for this month. Isse strike bhi ho gai , be rozgaaro ko ek mahine ka kaam bhi mil gaya and aam aadmi knows when and what is coming their way.

Vaise bhi India is land of holidays. Majorities of those who are in government and semi government are on holiday , almost 3 days a week , then being secular country we have holidays on every festival and then we have 52 sundays. so we hardly work for 200 days an year , plus there are strikes!!!!!!. Its miracle that we still managed to become second fastest moving economy. Isn't it?


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