Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mayawati & Court

Behn Mayawati is in news for wrong reasons since she became chief minister. After taking oath one of first thing she did was suspending two officers for neglecting ambedkar park. Her followers say that it was fair . After all that park provides inspiration to millions in uttar pradesh and how can any sensible person neglect that!!!!!!!!

Anyways she went ahead with her plans to expand ambedkar park. Like all chief ministers she too has her pet project. While most of chief ministers have pet projects like dam construction or creating jobs or making i.t. hub or bio hub , she has her pet project of making u.p. sculptor hub.

Not again she cannot be blamed , she was following history of u.p. Instead taj mahal in up?. She wanted to make her own piece of art.

As often happens in our great country. Elected representatives get confused that they have been elected to use public money in proper way but many elected representatives mis use the same and most of times selected few (court judges) have to step in.

Is kahani mein bhi yehi hua. Climax mein court ki entry hui aur already 2000 crore waste ho chuke waale project mein aur 250 crore waste hone se bach gaaye.

UP tops in deadth of infants , a village in up made headlines due to selling of wife for paying dues by villagers , up lacks in basic infastructure , electricity , it has high crime rate and it has high be rojgaari rate. Now 2000 crores could have been spent on something for taking care of above.

Lekin mayawatiji ki maya niraali hai , she believes in acting at root and root of all above problem , she thinks is lack of inspiration and so for that making her idols along with dr ambedkar is must. Afterall if people get inspired from mayawati they would end up becoming crorepatis and cms. Isnt it?.


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